Get ready for Christmas and the New Year!

With Christmas and new year fast approaching why wait for a resolution, why not do what you need to, to help yourself now? Be it to resolve anxiety issues or to finally stop smoking, call Peter and start that change in your life.
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Welcome to the new website for Peter Moule Hypnotherapy. Please take a good look around the website and then contact us if you would like some help.
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Hypnosis for phobias

Peter Moule is an expert in treating phobias such as fear of flying, fear of driving, fear of dentists, fear of needles, fear of injections etc. Hypnosis is very powerful at dealing with phobias and fear. During your lifetime you deal with many, many experiences and situations quite successfully, but during your early years generally we do not have all the coping skills or stra...
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Stop smoking

Most techniques, like patches, nicotine or gum, turn out to be ineffective. Hypnosis however was recognised as the most effective stop smoking technique and way of quitting smoking - the research was carried out by New Scientist magazine involving 70,000 subjects. Using hypnotherapy to become a non-smoker is safe and non toxic with no chemical side effects unlike drugs patches ...
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Anxiety and stress

When you are put under excessive physical or psychological pressure, at times of crisis, or even perceived crisis, your body undergoes a rapid chemical change; powerful hormones stimulate the body, and may give feelings of panic, fear and or anxiety. The hormones also switch off most of the body’s metabolic activities, such as the digestive and the reproductive systems.
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Hypnosis for childbirth

There are many advantages for using hypnosis for childbirth. In the western world, girls often perceive birth as extremely painful, whereas in other cultures birthing is carried out calmly and quietly. Hypnosis produces calmness and relaxation both physically and mentally therefore pain, anxiety, stress, nausea and fluctuating blood pressure are all reduced.
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