By using hypnosis for childbirth you can have a more natural birthing experience. Hypnotherapy and hypnosis will give you a greater degree of control of your mind and body and help you to control pain and fear in labour creating a calmer easier delivery for you and your baby.

The process of hypnosis for childbirth

  • An initial consultation normally takes place at 30 weeks where we meet and I then explain the process. If you wish we would then continue into the programme.
  • 3 hypnotherapy sessions are required at weekly intervals.
  • Hypnosis recordings are supplied including general relaxation, pre-childbirth (to reduce anxiety and fear), childbirth (played during labour only) and a music recording containing subliminal suggestions for a calm peaceful birth (played during labour only).
  • I will also teach you self hypnosis.

Relax when giving birth with hypnosis

There are many advantages for using hypnosis for childbirth, in the west girls often perceive birth as extremely painful, whereas in other cultures birthing is carried out calmly and quietly. Hypnosis produces calmness and relaxation both physically and mentally therefore pain, anxiety, stress, nausea and fluctuating blood pressure are all reduced.

As a result of the therapy babies are less stressed, they are shown to cry less, sleep and feed better and are generally calmer, possibly due to diminished trauma at birth. Most women feel less mentally and physically exhausted and even look fit and well afterwards. They remain quite calm and relaxed.

A calm birthing experience

You can have a calm peaceful birthing experience with more control over your mind and body. Enabling you to participate in the natural birthing process and therefore able to both enjoy and experience the birth of your child. By being calmer and happier after giving birth there is a reduced possibility of post natal depression.

Reduced labour time and less analgesic

It is well established that hypnosis reduces the first stage of labour by approximately two hours in the multip and up to four hours in the primip. Using hypnosis and the techniques taught you can significantly reduce pain during delivery. If there is a need for an analgesic a reduced amount of drug is effective. It is frequently found that no pain killers are required as only the sensations experienced will be movement and pressure. Episimtomy due to relaxation during the final stages of labour there is very little tearing at all, as no anxious pushing has been applied. If an episiotmy is applied suggestion of anathesia is used for the peri-anal area by self hypnosis.

Reduce fear about giving birth

Hypnotherapy can help with your fear of needles (aichmophobia) or fear of hospital (tokophobia) and many people are frightened of the impending pain or discomfort of childbirth. Hypnosis is famous for being able to reduce and control pain and put YOU back in control of your own body. Hypnotherapy can remove/control/change these fears and the way that you think about the birth and giving birth and make the whole experience much more pleasant, calming, relaxing and peaceful.

Pre or Post natal depression

If you have negativity of depressive thoughts regarding your future then this cycle can be broken up it is well established that breaking up depression during pregnancy can greatly reduce post natal depression.