Treatment for depression and clinical depression in Chelmsford, Essex and central London (Harley Street clinic). If you are feeling low or depressed or chronically fatigued, hypnotherapy is an ideal solution without side effects.

Depression Treatment

Depression, clinical depression, uni polar, major depressive illness, ante and post natal depression are specialities of Professional Hypnotherapy.

Depression whether mild or severe you may find yourself in painful situations, situations needing help to find your way.

Depression may effect you physically creating problems such as eating, sleep disturbance, lowered sex drive, decrease in pleasure activities/interests. Increase fatigue and anxiety.

In a depressed state your ability to think clearly may be affected, concentration becomes difficult, memory is affected all helping to create errors in judgment and decision making. Anyone regardless of age or gender can become depressed, females tend to experience depression time as frequently as males and it is 40% more common amongst children who have grown up with a parent who is depressed.

By using analytical therapy the causes of psychological problems can be discovered. Hypno Analysis is the doctrine of cause and effect the symptom has a cause, the analysis aims to reveal the cause which has been buried away in the mind, having identified the cause the effect is then relieved/resolved.