Fear of Flying


Do you have a fear of flying?

Where does this fear manifest itself, is it when you think about travelling, when you arrive at the airport, when you get called to the flight, inside the plane and the doors close or during the flight?

In truth it does not matter where or when the fear starts, you can be helped, you are not alone. Friendly advice of pull yourself together or flying is the safest form of travel doesn’t help you, nor does alcohol or or drugs (prescriptive or otherwise).

You do not have to be gripping your partners leg in a vice like grip or staring at the headrest of the seat in front of you, you can be in control.

My fear of flying program which normally on takes one session, I look to rid you of your fear, plus any hurt and emotion attached to flying and I give you a way to calm and relax yourself for any situation be it at work, home or out socialising, to a level which is appropriate for the situation.

Call me now to book an appointment and look forward to flying.