Hypnotherapy explained

Hypnotherapy explained

Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis combined with other therapeutic techniques or methods to help people to change for the better. It is especially useful for stress, anxiety or emotionally related problems or anything that has a psychological component.

Types of hypnotherapy

The hypnotherapy that Peter uses in Chelmsford and Harley Street in London generally follows one of the following two routes:

Suggestion Therapy

For suggestion therapy I can use hypnosis to bring about immediate beneficial changes in your life such as boosting confidence, stopping smoking, overcome your fear of flying and many many more. Suggestion Therapy is usually effective immediately.That is why only a low number of sessions are required.

Analytical Therapy

Hypno-analysis is the therapy for resolving problems in the neurosis band, whether your problem is of a nervous, anxious or emotional disposition. It is a symptom, of a bottled up emotion. By undertaking hypno-analysis we seek out the cause, that has been locked away. The cause you will have no conscious awareness of at the present, but by returning to the emotional time in a safer, controlled, comfortable environment you can change your life.

About hypno-analysis

Well generally we would meet for weekly hypno-analysis sessions, I would help and guide you into a relaxed state. Once relaxed a conformable, we then explore your ‘life’ experiences linking from one to another, we can return to the emotion that has been locked away, on discovering this bottled up emotion we explore and deal with any issues, that you were unable to deal with in your past, when you did not have the experience or the coping strategies to call upon.

Having dealt with this locked away problem and then and having seen it for what it is, most people find that they have a feeling of a weight being lifted from them, that they hadn’t realised they were carrying or life just seems and is better.

Hypno-analysis is not counselling I do not judge or interpret what you say to me this is a safe and confidential process to allow you to resolve a symptom that you have.

Benefits of hypno-analysis

  • Able to control the stresses of your life
  • Being happier
  • Being in control
  • Being calmer, more confident and relaxed in situations where you need to be.