As a professional hypnotherapist in Chelmsford and London, Peter Moule is an expert in treating phobias such as fear of flying, fear of driving, fear of dentists, fear of needles, fear of injections etc. Hypnosis is very powerful at dealing with phobias and fear.

Why do phobias develop?

During your lifetime you deal with many, many experiences/situations, quite successfully, but during your early years generally we do not have all the coping skills or strategies to resolve all that may come your way. So the subconscious part of your mind has a protective action to perform it removes all conscious awareness of the situation that presented itself, it just takes it all and locks it away and providing nothing you perceive as untoward happens to you ever again, that little problem would remain locked away.

But life is not like that, whoever you are or become, life still throws problems and shocks at us, and these later events can link themselves to your locked away problem of the past, creating a symptom to act a protector to perceived danger to warn you to avoid that situation.

How do we resolve your problem?

Well as whatever you have was locked away by an emotion. We walk back through the emotions of your past to find the one that you locked away, releasing it and resolve it using your life skills that you did not have before.

Most therapies do not resolve your deep problems they just put the equivalent of an emotional sticking plaster on the present day symptom. Hypno analysis doesn’t, it can access the root cause and allow you to be the person you want to be.

Top 10 phobias I am consulted for

  1. Social phobia – fear of being on the spot
  2. Emetophobia – fear of being sick/sickness
  3. Aviophobia – fear of flying
  4. Paruresis / shy bladder – fear of urinating in present of others
  5. Glassaphobia – fear of public speaking
  6. Trypanaphobia – fear of needles and injections
  7. Chitaptophica – fear of being touched/intimacy
  8. Tacophobia – fear of being pregnant
  9. Agoraphbia – fear of open spaces
  10. Phagophobia – fear of eating or swallowing

The list here is not exhaustive, so please call me to have a chat about your problem.