Sports performance

Sports performance

With London winning the 2012 Olympics bid there will be more and more expectations on British sports people to perform at their highest and more importantly to win medals! Peter specialises in sports hypnosis, NLP for athletes and athletics, hypnosis for golf, football, team sports, peak performance and more…

Sports hypnosis and NLP for athletics and sports

As an athlete you already have the ‘skill-set’ to succeed at the highest level. However as a specialist in hypnotism for sports, and NLP for peak performance coaching, there are 3 psychological areas which I will guide you through which make all the difference between winning gold and winning nothing! They are…

  • Knowing the difference between general and sport Hypnosis to create a winning mind-set
  • Understanding skill, focus and control and how these 3 areas are enhanced with hypnosis
  • The mistaken beliefs regarding relaxation and perfect performance

The use of NLP techniques in sports and teams

Do you want to be the best you can be? Are you training your mind? If not, why not? Whether you are just starting out or an elite athlete looking for World/Olympic honours, having the mental ability to focus to the appropriate level is essential and by using hypnosis for sport, you can be at the top of your game. Combining hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) enables me to help you to enhance your skills and to acquire new and improved skills.

Peter has worked with the Olympic squad and world class athletes

Athletes are great at training their body, spending hours in the gym, but when it comes to their mind they often overlook or forget this area. Failing to recognise the importance of mind control can hinder performance.

Famous sports people that use hypnosis

If you are thinking of using hypnosis to help your sport and sporting performance, you’ll be in good company – these athletes have all used hypnotism and hypnosis or NLP to enhance their skills and enable them to reach or stay at the top of their game:

  • Andy Cole [football]
  • Greg Rusedski [tennis]
  • Dan Luger [rugby union]
  • Adrian Moorhouse [swimming]
  • Nick Faldo [golf]
  • Frank Bruno [boxing]
  • Roger Black [athletics]

Top Governing bodies and coaches are at last recognising the importance of this aspect in development. If your sport does not already employ someone to help you then you are at a disadvantage.

I can help you focus on goals and develop as a complete athlete.

Visualisation and sport

Visualising is a valuable tool for all athletes you can use this skill to enhance your performance and to hone your skills. You can also be taught how to distort time enabling you to react appropriately.

All sports benefit from hypnotherapy and hypnosis. Whatever your sport, individual or team, you will want to improve your game. So why not do the same as the professionals and become a more relaxed and confident player.

Learn how to eliminate pressures that you don’t need to worry about and to respond to the stimuli that you do need to.