Here are some genuine testimonials and feedback from clients that have visited Peter’s hypnotherapy Clinic in Chelmsford or Harley Street, London; all reproduced with their kind permission …

Alan Smith


“My name is Alan Smith and I am forty years of age, for the majority of my adult life I have been a smoker. I would average between 15-20 cigarettes a day. I had attempted to give up on numerous occasions but always found a reason to start again. The truth was I really enjoyed smoking, I would have the remainder of a pack in my pocket and would smoke them as a habit. One on the way to work, one with a cup of coffee, etc, etc.

On every attempt to give up all I would think about would be smoking, it would become an obsession. If I saw someone light up a cigarette in a bar I would almost drool thinking about smoking. I would bite the end of my fingers in an attempt to taste any nicotine left on my skin. I genuinely wanted to give up smoking, but couldn’t. I would wheeze while laying in bed, be short of breath whilst exercising and constantly stink of smoke. Not to mention the enormous cost.

I was introduced to Pete Moule having been told he was a practicing hypnotherapist. I am the biggest sceptic when it comes to this sort of thing. I was genuine in my desire to quit smoking and when Pete discussed my situation I decided to give it a try. I was a little worried about the hypnosis as all my understanding of the subject was gained through watching television shows, which quite frankly put me off.

After the process I felt much more confident with the subject and can assure anyone that I felt in full control at all stages of the hypnosis. I would describe it as the most relaxing and calming session I have ever experienced.

My family and friends found it difficult to believe as I was such an ardent smoker before. I am still amazed by myself but, most importantly, I am not creating excuses in my every day life to begin smoking again.

I have stopped wheezing in bed, I can taste food again, smell better and have more money in my pocket. Most importantly I feel better in myself. I now consider myself to be a non-smoker.

I would unequivocally recommend Mr Pete Moule to anyone who genuinely wants to give up, who feel they are not strong willed enough to do it alone.”

Frank Burns


“I should like to take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of Janet and myself for the fantastic help you have given to our youngest son Frank.

As you are aware Frank has struggled with his school work since starting full time school at the age of five. His main problems have been in reading and writing and in particular with this spelling. As part of his home work assignments Frank has each week had to learn ten new words. Throughout the years we have spent a great deal of time trying to help him with these words but prior to your first consultation he had never achieved a pass in all ten words. Following your first visit he got all ten words correct for the first time. This prompted a very excited letter from his teacher.

Following your second visit he not only continued to get straight 10’s but when he sat his SATs tests this year he passed with two grade 4’s and a grade 3. He was expected to achieve only grade 2’s so this was a fantastic achievement on his behalf.

Following receipt of the grades Janet and I were invited to Frank’s school to meet with his form teacher and the special needs teacher. They were amazed and truly delighted with his results but were dying to know how he had suddenly learnt how to spell and in turn read so much better. I outlined your teaching method of seeing the words in different size letters on walls, doors, windows and many other every day objects combined with the method of visualising the letters in different colours. It had worked for Frank and they were very excited about the method, so much so that they have adopted the method for teaching to children when they start having spelling homework at 7 years of age.

Frank has now moved on to his secondary school. He is still behind many of his peer group in terms of his learning ability however your help has gone a long way to closing that gap.

Once again our sincere thanks.”


“Just wanted to let you know that we are back from a lovely holiday in America and that for the first time in an age I had fear-free flights, in fact I enjoyed them! No more crushed fingers for Mac either so he, too, is very grateful!

I am also much happier now and feeling a whole lot more positive about things so whatever was upsetting me has definitely gone!

Many thanks again”

Victoria Tremlett


“I’m writing to thank you so much for all the help you have given me with my needle phobia. I just can’t thank you enough. Today is my last day of treatment and everything has gone well, I was even let home to finish the second week on home IV’s. I used my calming techniques to actually get me up to the hospital and then turned the pain down over and over again. I had a very expert nurse put my long line in and I can honestly say I didn’t feel a thing! I thought she was touching my arm but couldn’t believe it when she said it was finished! I didn’t feel any pain which was amazing and I used the same technique for all the blood tests and fingerpicks I had to have and it’s been fantastic, no pain at all.

Although no hospital treatment is nice and I hope I won’t need this done again for a long time, I could never have expected such a good experience as the one I had. You have made such a difference to my life, it’s so good to not be worried day and night about needles anymore! In the future I know I have these techniques at my fingertips whatever needs to be done. I would never have thought it could work so well.
Thank you so much for all you have done for me, I am so grateful to you. Your job truly makes a difference to peoples lives and it has definitely changed mine. Thank you so much.”

PS. I am recommending you to everyone I know!!

The photo is me after a 5km walk I did last week, I thought you might like to use it as it was after I’d been in for the hospital treatment I dreaded so much that I completed the run. Thanks again, Victoria

Lynda Day

“Hi Peter,

It’s Lynda Day, I just want to let you know that tomorrow I will have been a non-smoker for a year which is all thanks to you. I know it was me that actually stopped smoking but I am certain that without your help I would still be puffing away.

The only down side I have noticed is I now hate the smell outside shops where people have been smoking and have to keep reminding myself that I was one of them a while ago.

I have been putting the money away that I would have spent and have been shocked at the results, so once again I must thank you and these thanks also come from my husband, children and grandchildren.



“A huge thank you again for all your help you have given me over the past weeks – it has been invaluable and life changing! I cannot believe how different I feel now – to feel happy and excited about each new day is just so wonderful! I hope you realise what a difference you have made!”